Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photo time

Kevin German is an awesome photographer.

I don't even know the guy. Met him once at the NPPA flying short course in San Jose, actually he just taught one of the breakout sessions and I didn't really even talk to him. But I check out his blog consistently, and this guy just sees things.

When I was sitting in on his class during the short course, I was impressed with how excited he was about photography and life, and it shows in his work.

I was recently catching up on some of his blog posts and noticed a few things. He left the Sacramento Bee, where he was a staff photographer even having his own photo column. Now he is Vietnam, starting his own business.

He takes his camera everywhere and takes pictures of everything. That was one of the coolest things I notice.

So stop by and check out his blog and I will start carrying around my camera wherever I go. He continues to post pretty consistently about life and photography.

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