Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Brooklyn Salsa Company

Me and Brian Park collaborated on this assignment about two guys who created a salsa company at the height of the recession and are doing fairly well for themselves. They are two great guys with a strong vision and great personalities. And the salsa is pretty good.

I really enjoy shooting video, but I'm a little green with a experience. I've studied it, watched tons of it and have a great eye. I just need to get out there and shoot more. Video is a difficult medium, because unlike photo you can't just explain something, you have to show it. This video was a great learning experience, working with what you have and meeting a deadline. I do wish I could have gone farther with it, shooting the guys on at their farms and such, but just like newspapers you're always time restricted.

On assignment with a New York Times photographer

So I shot this videos last semester of for the Lens Blog. We just wanted show what a typical New York Times assignment is. Sometimes you get good assignments, and others are not so glamorous.

I shoot with is Nicole Bengiveno, a world-class person and photographer. I heard stories about Nicole from my old adviser Kim Komenich and from my editor Jim Estrin, who is also a great person to go on assignment with, about how cool she is and how good she shoots. Again there were some difficulties shooting, but Nicole was able to get the shots and even after she had transmitted pictures she was still snapping away.