Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just wanted to share

Me being a college student already racking up college debt, I found this article interesting.

It's that time of year

As the summer begins a new crowd of young adults will brave the heat of the real world, as high schools all across the country are promoting their seniors to graduates. It is a huge step, that I don't know many graduates are aware of.

I remember my graduation a few years back, actually four, and I couldn't imagine what it meant to be actually done with high school. I was well prepared though, and my parents saw to it that i had a job interview the day after I walked the line.

I covered a couple graduations this past week for the Almaden Times, a weekly newspaper in the San Jose area, and I just watched how some of these kids nonchalantly crossed the stage like it was just another day. Now it's not like things did a complete 180 and I was totally blown away by leaving high school, but things will change and I don't think many of them realize how much they will.

It's funny, I should be graduating college this year, but because of me transferring and taking a semester longer on the JC level I still have some time left. But that's not a bad thing, graduation will come.

Here is a photo from the graduation. I thought it was very represen- tational, almost Hallmarkish, cause you got the graduate walking into the light looking back with a smile.

Congratulations class of 2008, especially to my brother Chris who made it also.