Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is here

It's fall here in San Jose, just barely, but nonetheless I'm having to break out my jackets. This photo was manipulated in photo shop for an assignment that I did for an art history class, and really captured what this time of the year means for me. Hope you like it.

Holy Crap

It has been way too long since I have posted on here. Since my last post things have tremendously changed in my life.

A quick list:
Quit my old job at Victory Lane.
Moved out of my house.
Moved into a new house.
Took position as photo editor of the Spartan Daily.
Celebrated my 23rd birthday.

I hope to be posting more here, though I am pondering moving to a wordpress blog on my server, which hosts

Also be sure to check out It is the new photo blog of the Spartan Daily. It's amazing.