Sunday, February 27, 2011

A square love affair

About a year ago, I bought a new camera. I was in my last semester at San Jose State University and pretty much had full-range on one of my final projects and I wanted to get back to my roots, so I scoured Craigslist and Ebay for a Rolleiflex. Luckily for myself I found one at a great price in Scotts Valley. The man I bought it from, was selling it with a heavy heart, as hard times were forcing him to part from his father's old camera. He said he felt a little better about selling it to me, seeing as I was looking to use it, instead of simply flipping it.

At the time I was fascinated with all the flags I saw and wanted to do a series on them for my Image and Idea class. I eventually changed my mine, much to my regret now, and didn't really use the camera a whole lot (If you want to see an awesome flag series, which is much better than what I would've produced in a semester check Misha Erwitt's on the Lens blog). When I say I wanted to get back to my roots, I don't really mean by shooting film, though that is part of it, but I wanted to slow down with my shooting and really think about it like I use to when I first started photographing. I wanted to allow myself some time and this twin lens reflex allowed me to do that.

I eventually fell on hard times myself close to graduation and had to part with the camera for a bit. Thanks to my buddy John Russo for helping me out in a tough spot.

In the half year I had it though, I shot about four rolls. I say about, because I knew the first roll I loaded wrong, and thus two pictures came out. I recently got the camera back and took three of the rolls I shot to be processed, finally (If you're in NYC, head to Sunshine Color Lab near MSG, great guys and good work). I love getting film back and the smell of a lab. I use to work in one back in the day. The only problem is that it's slightly expensive to develop and buy film in general.

Some of the better images from those three rolls are up top, unfortunately one roll is actually in my Jeep back in California, and I know I got some images on there. But I absolutely love this camera and plan on having it with me at all times here in New York City. Anyone else shooting with a rollei?