Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well, welcome to the new year.

2007 is behind us, for better or worse, and 2008 is here ready to rock and roll. Lets hope that this year is full of excitement, opportunities and fun. I have plenty of plans for the new year.

I hope to expand my freelance business a little more. I have been getting some work, but I think I need more experience and the only way to do that is get more jobs.

Next semester should be the same as the last. I am taking a full load at SJSU, but this time I am taking a few GE classes instead of all art. Should be a good semester.

Some changes I hope to make with this blog, is I hope to make it a little more informational. I have this blog and I think it's important to put it to a little better use. I also want to do some more videos. So, lets hope that works out.

Now that's not to say I am going to stop displaying my own work, so here is a picture of a gorgeous girl I shot before the end of the year. I figure why not start the year off with a beautiful women in the post.

Look soon for more post and have an interesting new year!

God bless.

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