Monday, October 15, 2007

What a game...

San Jose State put on a-hell-of-a show against Hawaii on national TV. The Spartans took the Rainbow Warriors into overtime, but weren't able to pull out the "W". They had a two touchdown lead with four minutes left, but Hiesmen hopeful, Colt Brennan, led Hawaii to the victory.

I was able to shoot the game, my first time shooting in the rain, and got some very good shoots. I definitely learned somethings from shooting in the rain, one being were clothes you don't mind ruining, and will apply those lessons-learned in the future.

You can check out my shots from the game here.

Tell me what you think.


Kyle Hansen said...

Great photos. Even though I have zero training or experience as a photographer, I have been shooting high school football games every Friday night for the past few weeks. I can really appreciate good sports photos now. I have a lot to learn. Maybe I can get some lessons from you when I get back. :)

JP said...

Oh ya, they have you shooting high school football? How do you like that?