Sunday, June 17, 2007

Selma High School Class of 2007

Here are some additions to my last post, in which I mention graduation photos.

Now I went into this assignment with some pictures in mind. The sun was getting low and casting long dark shadows, and I had a brilliant blue sky that would make for an awesome background.

One other thing I notice as I was walking in, was the firework setup at the end of the stadium. That was going to have to be a must shot, especially since I missed that opportunity last year.

The group shot with 2007 painted on the grass was just something I saw. I shot that picture earlier with the blue sky but it just wasn't exposing right. I shot the photo you see below right before I shot the fireworks one, which meant me running from the side there to the front of the students. I know I got in someones way.

Now for some reason I forgot to include the shadow photo I took, but here are a few to hold you over until I get it up. What do you think.

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