Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speed is Fun

I finally got around to creating a short Soundslides show of the vintage racing event I covered back in March. It was a full vintage weekend at the newly named Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

I decided not to name the racer I interviewed, because he represents a lot of vintage racers. They have similar stories with different details. At the heart of it, they just love to race.

You can watch it in a separate window HERE.


Kyle Hansen said...

I like it a lot. Only suggestion: Some of the photos move a little fast so they are easy to miss. And your headline should be "Speed is fun" :)

JP said...

Ya, I think i am going to remove some photos. It moves way too fast. But I feel it's on the right track.

C&M said...

Pretty good man. I suggest adding more photos of the cars actually racing. You hear alot of noise and racing going on, but not alot of cars zooming past the race track.

Besides that I like the photos and the choice of making your slide in B&W was good.

One question: How did you get your soundslide on your blog? Did you use a code or what?

I've been trying to place one on my blog, but can't figure out how to do it - I'm not much of techi when it comes to these things, you know. haha. said...


Thanks for commenting on my promo clip.

Your ''Speed is fun'' piece is well done. As JP mentioned, it would be nice to see more racing, but all in all a niece piece. The B&W photos and pace give it a timeless quality. Bravo!