Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm Back

So it has been a little while since I have posted. Only three weeks into school and it has me going crazy.

One class that I am taking is Color photography. Unfortunately we don't get to dabble at all into creating actual color prints in the dark, as it is all digital. But in the end it will make life a little easier and cleaner.

My First assignment was to shoot in different types of light. Now everyday I walk to this class I see a row of Palm Trees from a window. I have conjured up a few ideas on how I would like to use those for a photo, and I used one of them for this assignment. I was disappointed after trying a few different techniques that weren't working, but once I got back and saw this picture it all went away. It was a long exposure, somewhere close to like two seconds.

Now I don't have a tripod yet, so this is were I had to improvise a little. One thing I have learned during my short time behind the camera, is that if you can't improvise, you can't survive. I had an extra light stand that I used while I snapped this shot and held my breath. I am glad to say the light stand proved more sturdy than anticipated .

What are some examples of times when you had to improvise due to a lack of equipment?


apolinar fonseca said...

I have to improvise everyday when using the equipment the Sentinel provides. haha

Good thing you'rein San Jose they closed down the Twin City Times and Avenal Progress.

Ahhhh......good times over here

JP said...

Oh I have heard the bad news!!! The last publication is coming out on my birthday, what a bummer. I am happy to be away from the company and here in San Jose.

I remember those equipment problems there too. Another reason I am glad to be gone.