Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Building Faith

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Members of Riverdale's Assymbly of God work on the roof of thier future sanctuary. The enourmous 30,000 sq. ft. church is almost near its second year of construction and will be completed this fall.

I drive by this church on my way to work all the time and I see these lifts sitting next to it. For the past three months i have just been thinking how cool it would be to get a shot up on those lifts of the cross with some clouds. Now it wasn't the greatest cloud day, but they still got the job done. The church members, who are the ones constructing the sanctuary, were more than willing to take me up 50 feet in the air and get a shot of them working on the roof. They are good people there.

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Anonymous said...

Very neat picture, i like the title also!-H.R.