Thursday, January 4, 2007

First of the year

With a new year, brings a lot of new things. I should have a new job, a new school, new faith and a new life. It is different, more unknown, but it will be fun. Anyways, this is the first picture of the year for me. It might not have been the first time i snaped the shutter, but the first photo that stood out at least. I took this just outside of Riverdale, a place notoriously known for having nothing. But when there is nothing, that is when you find the most.

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joseph hollak said...

JP -

Happy New Year.

Just a couple of quick comments:

1) love the image. What would it look like if you cropped tighter up on the barn? The clouds really make this shot for me and the dark ground below distracts my eye away from those powerful clouds, especially with those white spots that I assume are birds on the ground.

Try a crop above the birds and below the farm. Repost it here if you'd like and let your readers vote for their favorite crop.

2) When posting to your blog, you write about towns and spots on the map that someone outside of Cali's Central Valley may not recognize.

So, when you mention Riverdale in the above post for example, make 'Riverdale' a link to more info on that town or a map of Riverdale and where it sits in California. Make the posts more informative by linking to outside sources.

Good luck in '07.