Saturday, January 13, 2007

All hail the ROBOTS

In the future we can picture Robots doing all things that humans don't want to do. Even today machines make our world a whole heck of a lot easier, but will that day when machines replace our hands come? It has been said for the past 50 years that robots are just around the corner. These two articles here and here alarm me. The first discuses Honda's inovations, developing a robot that will be used to help the needy. That doesn't sound too bad at first right? But tell me when you were in need you always reached for a hand, not a cold piece of machinery. The point there I am trying to make is why is a robot being developed to do something that a human should do, me or you. We can develop cutting edge technology to help, but can't lend a hand? Just something to think about. The second story is just stupid to me. We need to worry about the rights of people before we even begin considering the posibility that a robot could one day sue someone in a court of law. That's nuts man. But hey robots would still be cool.

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